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Webzilla’s proprietary, multi-homed network was created from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of the most data-intensive industries and disparate technologies. It provides all customers with 1.5 Tbps capacity from the U.S. through Europe to Asia. The Webzilla network also integrates a balanced mix of proprietary channels, private peering, and partnerships with major Tier-1 upstream providers to ensure seamless transmission of your information assets. Multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) geographically distributed throughout three continents guarantee optimized routing of traffic down the fastest, uncluttered paths to avoid network bottlenecks.


Singapore Dedicated Server

4 Core 8 Threads E1230v3 / 3.3 GHz
240 GB SSD
100 mbps unmetered
2 IP addresses

S$0 setup, S$129/mth


Webzilla Private High-Performance Network

Take advantage of our private multi-homed IP backbone that spans multiple PoPs across three continents. Our network has been designed to provide you with the lowest latency, fewest hops and highest performance.

Our Network Partners
Level 3 Communications
NTT Communications
Deutsche Telecoms
Telecom Italia Sparkle
Tata Communications

Our Network Infrastructure

To Order email to sales at (Quote WHT Webzilla Singapore)

Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Ubi Crescent
Lobby D
Singapore 408564
Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd

Free Web and Cloud for Web Designers and Cloud Developers

Webzilla Singapore is looking for budding web designers, web developers, apps developers, cloud developers or any individual or companies who are keen to be at the forefront of the Internet industry. We can provide free accounts to web designers and also cloud apps developers so that you can develop your ideas and sell them on our platforms. Do get back to us at


May Special offer Singapore Dedicated Email Hosting

8 to Infinity Pte Ltd is a privately held Singapore company established in 2 Nov 97 and incorporated on the 1st Mar 2000 registration number 200001687Z. 8 to Infinity provides Premier internet web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and managed services utilizing cutting edge technologies. Besides being one of the longest web hosting company, 8 to Infinity is also a major provider in Total IT Management, clustering, MMOG gaming servers and media streaming services. In addition, we also IT consultation services such as forensic computing and investigations. 8 to Infinity Pte Ltd is now known as Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd after being acquired by one of the largest web hosting company in the world, Webzilla.

Webzilla is a world leader in enterprise hosting and cloud services, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral datacenters in Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), North America (Texas) and Asia (India and Singapore). Partnerships with most major Tier 1 providers ensure 1,500 Gbps capacity and the best connectivity, allowing seamless handling of high-volume traffic at optimal speed and lowest latency. Webzilla’s engineering staff is adept at building scalable server architecture optimized for specific business requirements. Webzilla is the trusted hosting infrastructure partner of more than 1500 enterprise customers in the most data-intensive industries, including e-commerce, game and software developers, payment platforms, FX brokers and video streaming companies.

Special Email Dedicated Hosting
Quad Core
8 GB Ram
1 TB x 4 Raid 10
Mailenable Standard (Do check with us if you need different email software)
100 mbps Connection
2 IP addresses

S$0 setup, S$250/mth half yearly payment

Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Ubi Crescent
#07-51 Lobby C
Singapore 408564


Webzilla Singapore Colocation Services

Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd fka 8 to Infinity Pte Ltd was established in 2 Nov 97 and incorporated on the 1st Mar 2000 registration number 200001687Z. Webzilla provides Premier internet web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and managed services utilizing cutting edge technologies. Our datacenters are located in Singapore giving us the advantage of being able to provide for the rest of Asia.

1U Colocation
1 Power Socket
2 IP addresses
200 GB/mth traffic
Free Setup, S$150/mth half yearly contract and payment

2U Colocation
1 Power Socket
2 IP addresses
200 GB/mth traffic
Free Setup, S$200/mth half yearly contract and payment

5U Colocation
2 Power Socket
4 IP addresses
400 GB/mth traffic
Free Setup, S$300/mth half yearly contract and payment

10U Colocation
4 Power Socket
8 IP addresses
800 GB/mth traffic
Free Setup, S$500/mth half yearly contract and payment

20U Colocation
8 Power Socket
16 IP addresses
1600 GB/mth traffic
Free Setup, S$850/mth half yearly contract and payment

We also provide full racks and suites, do email us for more details.

We now have full suites available, do email us to enquiry at sales at

Webzilla Singapore
10 Ubi Crescent
Ubi Techpark Lobby C
Singapore 408564
Tel +656 742 9698

8 to Infinity is now known as Webzilla Singapore


8 to Infinity Pte Ltd is known as Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd, we are now part of one of the largest and fastest growing web hosting companies in the world. We will strive to serve you better and hope that our existing and future customers will continue to support us. We will be launching a far wider range of products in the near future.

Our information

Webzilla Singapore Pte Ltd

10 Ubi Crescent

#07-51 Lobby C

Singapore 408564

Tel : 67429698

Email :

Pacific Internet Discontinuing Residential Services

Pacific Internet is one of the most highly respected Internet Provider in Singapore. For most of us we have been using their services for more than a decade. We are more than willing to assist those who are affected by the discontinuation of services especially email and domain services. Do email us at or call us at 6 742 9698, lets discuss the best way of migrating to our services which will cause you the least disturbances. In the meantime, we wish Pacific Internet Best Wishes for their focusing on their carrier and enterprise services which are also one of the largest and best in the region. We definitely hope that we can cooperate with Pacific Internet in helping the existing customers and also in the growth of their carrier and enterprise services which a lot of companies like us require.


Normally Friday suppose to be a great day, but not today as it seems that a normal reboot on the server cannot go up and have to go to the Data Center to fix it. Computer Parts! You really never will tell when it decides to give you a bit of trouble or a bit of things to do. No choice, we are in this line, there is no such thing as letting a server go down even if it is 3am in the morning. Have to rush down to check and get it up once again. Hopefully that it isn’t a difficult problem.

Spam Blog Replies

We have to clear lots and lots of Spam Blog replies here in Singapore Web Hosting Blog so that it remain readable instead of being drowned by spammers. I really hope that spammers have some civic consciousness and stop spamming our blogs and other blogs. In fact I have seem some blogs spammed beyond recognition, so that the blog should be taken down because of the impossibility of clearing the spams.

Overselling of Web Hosting

I had read a post of an overseller, those who sell unlimited or nearly unlimited for pennies a month, appealing to the other web hosting companies not to oversell. I guess it is very difficult. To decrease prices is very easily done, but to increase prices will result in loss of a lot of customers who are price sensitive. It is better not to fight the commodity price games but instead concentrate on quality and good support. I have seen a lot of web hosting companies who are selling at reasonable prices and are doing very well as they have secured a reputation in the Internet. I have in turn saw a lot of unlimited web hosting going down because of abusers who are drawn by the unlimited features as well as peanut pricing.

Urgent Link Maintenance

This notification is to inform you that we are conducting an URGENT maintenance to your internet connection at Pantech21 Data center during the following interval.

: 17/10/2012 Wednesday
: 01:00 – 01:30 SGT (GMT+8:00)
: Engineer detected error on the current active uplink.
: 5 minutes or less connection outage during uplink circuit switching to backup.
: No action needed

Managed Web Hosting

Previously, 8 to Infinity Web Hosting are able to handle only small to medium requests for Managed Web Hosting. But with engineers in Asia, Europe and USA on a permanent basis now, we are able to quote and take on nearly ALL kinds of managed hosting requirements. Actually it can be so simple, that the customer if they are not technically savvy, just need to describe to us what is the final product or requirements that they need. Our team of Engineers will be able to design and develop as well as managed the requirements of our customers. We started off with SMEs, till today we are still very much SMEs oriented, given that they are the ones that helped us grow. We will never forgot them. But in the mean time, our expanded skill sets and capabilities allow us to offer far more complicated Managed Web Hosting that can be deploy in any part of the world. For those who need something to start off, do not hesitate to email us at Just treat it as saying Hi, there is no obligations for you at all.

How to solve FTP IFrame Attacks

We had a client who had this problem. I think it is the best way if we share it with everyone.

1. Clean up your computer, if you find nothing or cannot know how to clean, get a professional.
2. Get a clean source code of your web site. Scan it on a clean computer.
3. Ask us to delete and recreate your web site and change the password.
4. Upload the clean content into the web site

That is all we need to solve the issues.

FTP Attacks

FTP is not really an attack. It is a careless part whereby a designer had their computer compromised and as such the hackers have the passwords to their customers’ ftp. They use automated program to upload compromised files with iframes attachments into the web sites. The designers keep uploading fresh copies but it is useless. Even if they change passwords, the hackers can retrieve these passwords form the computers of the designers easily. What needs to be done is to clean up the designers computer and everything will be settled.