Hungry Ghost Festival and Data Centers

I have heard quite a lot of stories about ghosts in Data Centers especially from the security guards. So normally going to the datacenters in the middle of the night isn’t very fun. Especially when you are visiting a 100 000 sq ft datacenter with only machines and you alone. The guard is somewhere far away at the guard room. I guess in Singapore, it is more “clean”. I do know of quite a few data centers getting geomancers to help them check their datacenters. Have not seen any Good Brothers or Sisters in the data centers yet. But my friend had seen. I was at the other end of the racks and he pointed directly to me, his face turning white. But I really didn’t see or feel anything although he told me later that the Good Brother is right in front of me. Anyway if you do meet them, get some lucky numbers and strike a Toto 🙂

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